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Ernest Shazor Oklahoma Fan Club



Welcome to the official Oklahoma Ernest Shazor Fan Club...

Ernest Shazor Bio


We are here to cheer on our favorate hard hitting, fumble causing, wide reciever pounding, player!
This Fan Club was formed by several oklahoma fans watching football one night on ESPN. Just when it looked like Purdue was going to drive the field and score to beat Michigan. The Michigan Defense stepped up and made a big play, mainly by the safety Ernest Shazor causing the biggest hit any of us have seen on live TV. Since then the term "Shazor'ed" has been givin to anyone giving a big hit.
Make sure that you are to check out the all new state of the art Shazoring video! Just Click below or on the Picture! Thanks!

Click here to become "Shazor'ed"


More to come soon...

If you want to become a member or have any questions feel free to Email me...

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